Live combinaison simulation - tank

Hi !

I’m just having fun in the current simulation for the monk tank (planning on playing monk tank at SL in MM+).
Somethings is going wrong in my simulation, as soon as i had rings to test, i come from 85% TUF to 46% (and i’m not even talking about the 100% death chance in the second case).

So i started with my current BiB gear :
85.34% TUF - Death Chance: 21.8% ± 5.05%

Then i did a huge comparaison for corruption (yeah corruption is gone in 2 week so…)
3499 setups
Every score is at 46% TUF pretty mutch wich is bad. Even the BiB gear line has a different result.

I tried a smaller run :
6 setups
Result are normal

Then i add rings :
128 setups
And result are dead again

And only 1 of the 2 ring to swap out.

Removed the 485 rings i have : Still busted

Can someone help ? =D
Did a do a mistake once again ?

I’m not sure if I’ll have a change to look at it in detail due to how busy we are with shadowlands… but could it have to do with Heart of Darkness getting activated or deactivated due to your total corruption?

Dont worry forget about it, i’ve work my wait out by doing single sims.

I’m just bored and have a lot of time currently so xD