Live expertise different? bug possibly


Hi, I have another question. So on the website it shows me at 26.01 expertise. I was like well that’s pretty much perfect for a prot warrior right? but in game it shows me at 31. I believe its because it isn’t taking into account the axe specialization for my orc. apparently it also affects fists. I actually just found that out when I was trying to figure out the difference. I gemmed some expertise to get to the 26 number, so now I’m not sure if I should swap them out for pure stamina. I think btw that might be why its recommending Black Bruise, since I seem to recall it recommending a togc axe over last word a while back too because of the racial. Sorry if I should have posted in the other thread I just hadn’t thought about it until I already made the bulk of this post and also didn’t know if it was a separate issue anyway. So yea maybe it sees that Black Bruise is working with my racial but not actually calculating it in there, but I really would like it be able to tell me what to gem instead or if I should put on something without expertise, I like how precise the website usually is with that kind of thing vs trying to math things out on my own.

I can take a look – seems that orc axe specialization may only be applying to axes right now. We can add fists to it.