Loading BiB doesn't load conduit/soulbind

Hi !

I just wanted to see the rotation for Brewmaster monk in a simulation so i tried to load BiB “Brew MM+”.
It seems like this action doesn’t bring the soulbinds/conduit too. It’s loading gear without trouble but not conduit :’(
Is it me ?

Here is a snapshot : 3fefde4fad7d43af96690d2c41698fb0
And some pics :


I can fix that in the next update – looks like I just missed a spot implementing Shadowlands code to load the soulbinds/conduits from the optimization result that you select.


I came here expressly to ask about adding these and Great Vault to the bib/sims. Can’t wait to be able to use those features.

Thanks for all your hard work!

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