Lock in not working in secondary setups/specs?

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I’m trying to setup/optimize in the pre-patch. I’m very sad to see that essences and azerite is not optimized anymore, and that it’s recommended to lock in the pieces you want to equip. I’m trying to lock in different pieces in different specs/setups.

In my primary spec, Brewmaster, Seems to work ok to lock in an item that I want. Then I switch to another spec/setup, like mistweaver. Select the chest I want, it appears with a lock, I hit “re-optimize” and all of a sudden the chest is reset to the chest I locked in my primary spec

I’ll take a look at that – I think what’s happening is that it is reverting to what you currently have equipped rather than putting on the locked-in piece.

Aaah so if i was to equip the items I want and then also select them in mr robot it might stick? I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Yeah – I’ll have another update later today or tomorrow that should fix the issue though.