Lock item - please let me choose

I’m a chicken - I admit it. Per example I prefer the leggings giving +20% health on Faint on my rogue, even though it is not the best dps-choice.
At some time, it was possible to lock a piece, saying " I stick to this in this slot, but still want an evaluation of the rest of the gear".
Today, my searches are polluted by AMR insisting on replacing these specific pieces and refusing to give me an answer to what OTHER pieces are best together.

I remember this being possible a couple years ago, but I cannot find the function anymore. Please put it back, because it is very much degrading my experience and the value I get from my subscription.

To lock an item, after running best-in-bags, click on the item it chose in your leg slot to open up a list of options. Choose what you want instead, a dotted line will appear around it. Close the list, press the “Save and Update” button. It will optimize around your choice now.

Thank you, Yellowfive!!!
Really could not find that option myself.

Same issue, Yellowfive. Only it doesn’t allow me to select Silirrion’s Tenderizer as my MH.

Silirrion’s Tenderizer doesn’t have any Strength on it, so it doesn’t show in the Best in Bags menus because it’s not relevant to your spec. Especially for a Tank, an incorrect main stat weapon is pretty useless. You can, of course, still equip it in game manually.

Right, I realized that is what it was doing there, but my spec is Prot and I’m a tank. Silirrion’s Tenderizer has something like 192 Stamina on it. I feel that there should be an option to equip it or override without having to manually equip it. I would be fine with just doing that each time, however, I would have to carry my Legion Artifact around in order for the other slots to equip or just manually equip everything when swapping specs…

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