Locking Items for Best in Bags?

Is there a way to lock certain items in best in bags? ie.

Say if i have legendary shoulders, helm and ring and I want to keep the shoulders and ring because if their buffs irrespective of damage.

At the moment if I put this into best of bags because the stats i’d have the helm rather than the ring suggested.

It would be nice if there was a toggle that let me lock slots that we didn’t want changed prior to best in bags doing it’s thing to get close to the stat goals for a given ilvl.

Click on the item slot on the BiB solution and then select the item you want locked in from the list. You’ll see a dotted outline show up around it on the gear table after you close the list to indicate it is locked.

If you already have the item on, this might unequip it - just do the process again to equip it and lock it.

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I do all of that, the dotted lines show up around each item - yet when I click export to bag it does not follow my guidelines. It replaces all “locked” items. Am I missing something? It’s making me feel preeeetttyyy dumb.

Press the “save and update” button after you lock them. That will then recalculate BiB with those locked in and the export to the addon should pick it up.

Wow, how did I not notice the change in that button? Thank you so much. I’ve been doing this crap manually for weeks!

Borrowing thread as it directly relates.

Is it possible to lock in Legendaries/items on your 2nd/3rd specs when doing Best in Bag?
Be handy to know as it is currently wanting to use Justice Gaze on my protection paladin 2nd spec purely because of the stats. Kind of a wasted bonus.

You can lock items on any of your specs, it remembers them separately for each spec.

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That I did not know, thank you.

Anyway to disable or blacklist a item from being choosen from bib i just got a legendary helm that i don’t want to use but not tossing it either

No, but you can lock in the two legendary items that you do want to use, which will then make BiB ignore the others.


Please take a long look at the UI and think about why it wasn’t obvious to me that I could do this, without looking at this forum post…

We intentionally don’t promote the locking feature via the UI, since it can lead to confusion and weird results if you aren’t aware what is happening. It is there for those who ask, though :wink:

Our version 2 gearing strategies coming out later this month should make the need to lock items very rare.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I was looking for a solution to this exact problem.

I think the lock feature should definitely be more known. For me, at least, I always want to use a specific legendary regardless of what I am doing but AMR always wants me to use something else. Finding out how to lock has been a god send.