Log in not working?

Not much to say cannot get in to optimize
503 error server not available

Same. Site seems to be non-functioning at the moment. Trying to do anything just results in a time-out or error.

Ok who broke Mr. Robot :face_with_raised_eyebrow: i get the same thing time-out and error

Not the first time either. It has happen a few times. All other sites are working. I rebooted modem and Pc. Not working, goes into buffer then error window, you cannot even get tech help because no error rep number. I have been a client for so many years, It might be time for me to search for another service.

It has to be the site that is having issues, the forum is more than likely on another server.

Patience lads and/or lasses.
The Mythic+ cache has been opened by lots of people who’re self isolating, that will mean the load has increased and the server hasn’t coped.
Either that or something broke with the hosting company, either way it will get fixed when they get a chance to look into it. Remember we aren’t all in the same time zone.

I have new gear, need to figure out before raid time today. not in next couple of days, like last time.

same here. server doesn’t load, and when it does, adding strings results in it timing out then.

Yeah, you’re not the only one and notifying multiple times isn’t going to make it any faster.
I’m guessing you’ve still got four or more hours until raid, you can’t do anything other than be patient so try not to get worked up over it.

Not worked up, annoyed is a better description. This occurrence is not an isolated instance.

So your advice, is not to notify it multiple times the best action? Just shut up , one notification is just needed, because multiples may imply a multitude of persons with problem as opposed to one notification(just one person having the problem). ok.

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