Low vision player seeks tech help

somehow I have got things so that when I left-click on Mr. Robot in-game, I can’t see the part of the screen that would let me my settings. i have a screenshot

my goal is to have everything in the UI big enough for me to see, without having anything go off the edge of the screen. help?

What are you using to scale WoW, the in game UI scale or something through Windows?
I just tested the WoW UI scale and moved it to max, I had to type /amr reset but then I could see the buttons.
I have a 16:10 aspect screen, yours is 16:9, so you might not be able to see the bottom on the AMR window but that shouldn’t matter.

You could try making your screen bigger so that you can see the whole addon, then go into the AMR addon options tab and reduce the scale setting (try 0.75 to start). Then set your screen back to how you like it, and see if it fits now.

A probably more direct way could be to just use a macro command to change the scale of the AMR window.

You could try the following command while the AMR window is open to scale it to 0.75 (i.e. 75%):

/run AmrUiFrame1:SetScale(0.75)

This will only change the size of the window while it is open but does not permanently change any settings. You’d still need to do that yourself on the Options tab.