Lower DPS with only a dps-enhancing corruption difference?

So I burned all my karma points for the decade by getting 2 BOE’s in raid last night. The exact same ring (Lurking Schemer’s Band) with the only difference being one has a corruption that makes my Crit’s hit for 4% more dps.

When I spin up AMR, it puts the uncorrupted one on me (even though I would come in UNDER my set limit) and tells me my DPS would be 7.48% better. If I change ONLY that ring (See images below… strike that, this forum only allows me to post 1 pic and I’m too lazy to photoshop them together… trust me on them being equal otherwise) and use the corrupted one that does more DPS… it says it would be a LOWER dps… at +5.77% of current. what am I missing?

If you use the help link above the gear table, you can generate a snapshot id with the “Create Support Post” button. Post that snapshot and then we can see exactly what you see with all your settings and help explain.