Lower item level weapons appearing as upgrades by Pawn?

Hello, I’ve used ASKMRROBOT since Wod, and I have a few questions:

  1. why il 217 WQ weapons are appearing as upgrades over il 235 and 245 artifact weapons I have. It is the addon PAWN that is doing this, but as I understand, Pawn is managed by askmrrobot, isn’t it?

  2. One other question is this: Does the best in Bags calculate also on what talents you have selected for whatever simulation it does, or are talents not concidered within Best in Bags?

  3. Why doesn’t Pawn show trinket upgrades?

Thanks alot, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Pawn works by comparing computed stat weights. It cannot compare proc or on-use effects.

Pawn is not managed by AskMrRobot. AMR provided a Pawn import string of stat weights as a convenience, but there is no other relation between the two.

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OH wow, thanks for the clarification!