Loyal to the End - Fancier mechanics ? =D

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I’m looking into the “Loyal to the End” azerith and currently it’s implemented as “none” has it.
Wich i can understand why for a restoration shaman stacking “Ancestral Resonance” is better.

I should have looked into that when i was on Ashvane but for me this need to be changed to “4 have it”.
Or a choice during BiB ? If you are looking into Rshaman for Azshara Mythic pretty mutch all have at least 1 of them. (Hpal have them too)

So… i’m asking if it’s possible to change this ? even if i’m probably the only one carry about this at this point in the current patch :/.

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So, if you want to just run simulations as if more people in your group have it, you can just override your mastery stat to add 30 or whatever per ally that has the trait.

The reason we haven’t put in fancy code for this one item is because it is just static stats which are pretty easily estimated.

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Will do. Seems pretty nice buff even without ally death. It seems a bit more powerfull when at least 4 ppl are using it.
something i need to find out it if i have multiple trait does the default bonus count as another ally having the trait.

Ty Swol !

The bonus you get from each ally scales with how many stacks of the trait you have on your gear.

The trait gives you X mastery. Each additional ally with it in your group gives you X/4 additional mastery. The most you can get is 2X mastery. So, 4 allies with it is the most that would be useful - anything past that wouldn’t increase it further.

If all your azerite items were the same item level, having 2 of the trait would change X to 2X. Having 3 would change it to 3X.

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To continue this discussion i did like you suggested with the “override in the simulation”.

I try to justify why people like “Loyal to the End” so mutch. (And find argument to convince my RL that Ancestral Resonance is better)

If i doing quick math i have:

Base Mastery 737

Ancestral Resonance 681 with 54.20% in average i have +369 Mastery

Ancestral Resonance stacked (3 times) with 54.20% (because it doesn’t change the chance of procs) in average i have +1107 Mastery

Loyal to the end provide +(178+6*44) (Be optimist on how many ppl have this trait) = +442 Mastery 100% of the time

Quick math : Ancestral Resonance is better

Here i have two simulation one considering the 644+642 bonus from “Loyal to the end”, the other being my default BiB

BiB - custom Azerith Rules - No Loyal buff

BiB - Default azerith rules - No Loyal buff

BiB - custom Azerith Rules - Loyal buffed

So to resume : even with 6 ally the “Loyal to the End” doesn’t seems better.

BUT Their is more differencies between the two gear.

so i tried this :

Comparing having two loyal to the End with allies buff

Default BiB

Here i gain 1k HPS and 1 ally death with Loyal To the End (WITH 6 allies having it)

But this rules benefits doesn’t seems to had up if i stack multiple of this trait.

(I had to change gear with higher iLvl one but doesn’t change for a better result)

Loyal to the End x2

It’s quite difficult to work with only one setup at a time :stuck_out_tongue:

I did one last thing: compare BiS with Loyal to the end.

Summary :

Loyal to the end with more than 5 ally is better compare to the default current gearing.

BiS - Loyal x3 - 6 Ally

BiS - Loyal x3 - 4 Ally

To summaryse This trait have a treshold and could be interesting to find the limit where it will take the lead and for wich class.
Putting a note in the guide for this specific one like “For Restoration Shaman; Loyal to the End is good after X people also having it”

Loyal to the End in your example could only give a max of 178 x 2, or 356 Mastery. It has a cap.

Hum… (After some holidays in Maroco i’m back).

The tool tip say it’s +446 not 1786 ? or i’m miss understanding the tool tip ?


You’re adding extra numbers in there, you image is showing 178 + 44 up to 357, where are you getting 446 and 1786 from?

I’ve only got a 435 item with the trait so it’s not as strong but still good for me.
Part of the benefit is you making your teammates stronger, which your sims and napkin math won’t show.
Although if there are already enough people with the trait it shouldn’t really matter if you use the other trait, really you’d never be able to tell the difference anyway.

Yeah, 357 is the max you would ever get from the trait in that example tooltip there (if you have 1)

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