Luminous Jellyweed sims might be wrong

Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong section, first time posting here. Also apparently I can’t put more than 1 image in a post so you’ll have to deal with these links

I got the Luminous Jellyweed trinket today and was playing with it, when I noticed guides were saying it sucked when it was pulling around 5% of my healing. I went to sim on AMR to compare to my gear, and sure enough, the sim was way, way lower than my actual values, my logs showed about 5% of my HPS and sims showed it at about 2% (links to both below).

The sim was set to 8 mins while the log was 8:10, exact same settings for flasks, food, buffs.

I’m not too sure if I’m interpreting the log right but it seems that the sim is only healing with Luminous Jellyweed when the healer with the trinket heals the target, when in reality it heals on all healing a buffed target takes

You’ll see here that at 5.598 seconds the Jellyweed gets applied to MainTank1, but even though Healer2 and Healer3 are healing them they aren’t proccing the Jellyweed heal, it’s only when my Lifebloom ticks that the extra healing kicks in. In reality this isn’t what happens (but I can’t have more than two links in a post so you’ll just have to look for yourself at the logs)

These might be just coincidences but considering how well the trinket performs compared to sims it’s defiantly worth looking into.

My character is Bullymcbull

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I will take a look at the logs and update it. I wasn’t able to test most of these new trinkets on the ptr, so I just had to make a guess based on the tooltips. We can use combat logs as people get them to verify mechanics and update the simulator and rankings.

I was on vacation this week, but I will be back tomorrow and can do a round of updates.

Looking at that log… I don’t see how that trinket is doing 5% of your total healing… I changed it in the simulator so that it procs off all heals, so each time it is applied, the full amount gets used up. The total amount that it heals for is lower than what I’m seeing in your log, though.

I’m seeing highly variable total healing amounts each time it is applied to an ally, but I don’t see what would be the source of those big changes. I’m going to need someone with this item to help me test it in a more controlled way to figure out how it is calculating the heal values.

In your log, for example, I see 28 applications of the buff. According to the spell data, with you having about 10% versatility, that should be about 23k total extra healing per proc that it can do. On one of your procs, for example, it did 34k extra healing before the buff was used up. I’m not sure how that works.

Yeah I noticed the same thing, it seems to be healing for way more than it’s supposed to be, chances are the trinket is just bugged or something

I think I figured out what it is doing:

Each time it heals, the heal is increased by versatility. Also, it independently crits. The additional healing from vers/crit isn’t “counting” against the “total”. I’ll see if I can figure out if this is a bug or intended.

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