Macro to change spec and pick gear

Currently with the add-on you can swap spec and gear, can this be written into a macro so I could have a one click button or does the add-on window need to be open for the gear swap if it isn’t the gear default for that spec?

You can right-click the Addon minimap button to cycle through your sets/specs.

Okay, but that’s slower than opening up the add-on and selecting it from the list, I’m trying to make it faster. If a macro has the ability to select a spec and gear set from the Ask Mr Robot add-on I make a macro to select it instead.

Yes, you can do it with a macro. You will see your setups in the dropdown list on the Gear tab of the UI, each one gets a number internally starting with 1 at the top, e.g. if my list looks like:

Blood Raid
Blood M+

And i want to make a macro to activate “Blood M+” I would do

/amr equip 3

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To add to what @yellowfive said, you can include a modifier to the macro to switch between multiple sets… but it may be that you already know how to macro modifiers, so… apologies for being ‘obvious’.

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Thanks yellowfive that is preciously what I wanted, very helpful, and eighjan extra info is always better than not enough so thank you too.

I’m a Druid, so I have four specs, I have two builds per spec which makes it eight, so it really does help my gaming experience a lot to jump to the right one rather than cycling through them all.

Also, I have an add-on called select which allows right clicking on an icon to bring up a small menu of other spells/items to select, I think Mages have this as part of their setup, so just one icon and eight easily selectable specs/gear setups is going to be great.

Thank you.