Mage tower trinket issue

Hi, I tried mage tower and so have a lvl 50 trinket. AMR said that it was best for me so I should use it all the time. I’ve now sold that trinket to try and force amr to suggest a current ivl trinket. but now it says I’m best with no trinket in that slot.

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You don’t have any trinkets with any value for Mistweaver spec other than the one you have equipped. As soon as you get a second trinket with some value, it will choose one.

I’m confused by that answer. I know I don’t have a great set of gear yet, but I don’t understand why it would prefer no trinket over something that gives me some ilvl and stats?

The only other trinket that you have is Fine Razorwing Quill. It has agility, and a bleed damage proc, neither of which give any benefit to your Mistweaver setup.

Item level doesn’t have any impact on your in-game performance, nothing scales based purely on your item level.

For performance reasons, we ignore items that have no benefit for your spec in the optimizer – makes it way faster to pretend like items that have no value simply don’t exist. If you were to go obtain any trinket with, say, intellect on it, it would be better. Get one from a world quest, or a dungeon, or wherever – then the optimizer will fill it in for you.

This is one of those edge cases that is so rare we just don’t bother with it – you’ll have another item to fill that slot very soon if you keep playing.