Mage trinket question


I was wondering why it insists Darkmoon Card Greatness -(intellect) is my bis trinket, none of the bis lists show it as one and everyone I’ve talked to says its not worth it.

I can take a look at it. I’m guessing the intellect proc has less value than usual because the max mana you get from intellect isn’t useful on a proc. We might need to make an adjustment for intellect procs on arcane mage.

e23caa5c3ea94df8922f9b40c2e82a88 I read arcane mages only need 11% hit unbuffed and this addon seems to like shooting us to some higher number even though we have hit talents

We show your final hit% in the stats on the right, including raid buffs. The only effects we don’t show in the stat sheet are ones that don’t buff ALL spells. So the 3% arcane hit from Arcane Focus is not show in the stat display. You will see 14% in that display when capped with arcane focus talented.

We are getting you to the correct level of hit. In your case, you have locked in some items with high hit on your BiB, so there is no way to take you down to the cap without losing damage.


I locked in a few items, like its saying I should be wearing a few level 70 stuff, like ruby drape over deathchill cloak, and with my lock ins it still puts me at 15.20 percent hit, so why doesn’t it recommend say Necklace of the glittering chamber over thunderstorm amulet, or not icebreaker to foot. I think it is valuing int very highly, like one of the recommends I have puzzling me is Nether Core’s control rod, over wand of the san’layn.

I also have a question, all the prebis lists show deathchill being the top choice, but it recommends reanimator’s cloak. Are the extra stats better?

also is mp5 just better than spirit? I assumed spirit was better but it says Cloak of Kea Feathers over Disguise of Kumiho when I search for upgrades from valor badges.

Move arcane up to your top priority spec, and then it has the flexibility to do more of the things you expect.

You’re really mana-limited in a 300 second fight. If you lower it down to 120, you’ll see even more of the items that you say you are expecting.

Intellect has a lot of value when you are running out of mana.

thanks, that did help things now I have one more question at the moment.

it wants me to gem int gems, unless I tell it no abyss crystal enchants. and then it wents me to gem sp gems.


I was just wondering, so I have it set at 120 seconds, but also tried a longer setting like 200, anyway all the tier lists have disguise of the kumiho as higher than deathchill cloak for raiders, you trade crit and a little haste for some white stats and I was wondering if it was worth buying. the badge 213 cape. Says its a slight downgrade, and that the 213 boots just arent even an upgrade over the wyrmrest rep boots. Anyway was debating getting the cape first since I don’t know if im going to want the hit or haste boots or somehow get something from a raid first. Should I or should I stick with deathchill cape?