Main Character showing twice, shopping list incorrect

Main character is showing once with AMR in title and once without. The one with AMR will not show a shopping list, but the one without AMR does, but is incorrect as it shows older equipment and has failed to update to what I send to the website. I have already deleted the folder from the addons folder in WOW, and reloaded it with a fresh download from curseforge. I truly like your addon, and this is the first problem I’ve had. btw, none of my other toons appear to be having issues. Is there another way to delete a character and get a fresh import of it? Anything else you can offer will be accepted and applied, post-haste. Thank you!

The “AMR xxx” set is created when you export via the Gear Check feature. The other sets are created when you export via Best in Bags.

If you want to completely reset the addon, you should delete the settings associated to the addon in the WTF folder of your WoW installation. The Twitch App can do this for you automatically when you remove an addon, or you can do it manually by finding the AskMrRobot.lua and AskMrRobot.lua.bak files in your _retail/WTF folder (will be under your account name, SavedVariables folder – there is just one file for your whole account, they are not saved per-character).