Mana potions for healer script

Hello their !

I was looking into the “Spirited Alchemist Stone”.
First point :
In MW script and healer script like Holy, their is use of Coastal Mana Potion.
The Alchemist Stone should improve the use of this potion but when i’m doing script with and without the trinket the mana value earn from the potion doesn’t change:
Without Alchemist Stone
With Alchemist Stone

The second point is :
I would like your point of view for the use of Costal Mana potion ?
Personnaly as a Mythic raider, i always find a moment to use the Potion of Replenishment. Wich seems more close to the “best way” to handle a fight if their is an interval allowing it.
For some bosses it’s easy, like the Stormwall Blockade (when you come back from the ships).
I dont thinks it impact a lot gearing but because i can’t find a real bug i go into details xD.

So Conclusion,
This trinket should be ranked higher for the current script but because it doesn’t use the same potion i use this become even for my case.
Hope it help you do an even better job ! =D

Looks like we have to add the new alchemist stones to the list that buffs the mana gain from potions. I’ll update that - we only had a couple of the variants in there.

The difference between coastal and replenishment is small - I personally think that a 10 second channel for that extra mana is kind of ridiculous. It won’t affect gearing strategies at all really. I think my latest rotations actually look to use an intellect potion instead and only fall back to a mana potion if it is really necessary.

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