Manage AoE vs Single Gear Sets in One Spec. Quick How To?

How do you manage multiple gear sets for one spec? Do you have a good way?

AMR and wow saves sets of different specs just fine.
But I find myself needing a single target raiding spec and an AoE Visions spec
Since AMR does not yet support multiple gear sets for one spec (like DPS single vs aoe or tank raiding vs full defensive mythic vs offensive mythic) this is what I do.
What is a better way to manage this?

  1. Immediately gave up on in-game equip manager because within 1 spec (dps) it doesn’t seem to let me click “equip” for the other one
  2. Create 2 Outfitter gearset names. If DPS call them “AoE Visions” and “Single Nyalotha” for example.
  3. Get AMR set up the way I want on website…
  4. Click the gearset in Outfitter I want to update (VERY IMPORTANT OR YOUR GEAR WILL BE OVERWRITTEN)
  5. Import from AMR. If needed click “Update to current gear” HOWEVER this seems to happen automatically
  6. Change to other Outfitter gearset
  7. Get AMR set up the way I want on website for other gearset…
  8. Import from AMR to other gearset

Now I can click the outfitter gearsets back and forth in my DPS spec and they change correctly.
Now I just have to make sure never to import from AMR or change a piece of gear with the wrong Outfitter gearset selected… or that gearset gets overwritten.

So that is my big complaint. Is there a way to stop your sets in game from being automatically overwritten when you change gear? I tend to reimport AMR a lot, like whenever I get a new piece, sometimes more. So it’s a little bothersome that you have to babysit the gearset you are on to make sure it’s not overwritten.
I’d rather just have to go manually update my outfitter gearset with “Update to current gear” It seems like I used to do it this way but maybe some setting changed on my end that I’m not realizing.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Hi !

I’m a simple user and quite surprise by what you are asking.
AMR does support multiple gear set for a single spec.
See mine below :

The default here that you may occure, is the second “spec gearing” use what he can so sometimes you will have azerith only usefull for the first one (principe priority order)

In the other hand, in the addons’s setup you should have a parameter to “allow AMR to manager gear set”. You can remove that parameter to have manual control over you gear set.

Does this help ?

I’ve had zero problems with the default equipment manager, I can change between ST and AoE gear sets fine with it. I’ve had up to four for my main spec but currently two is enough.

As Sienss said the AMR site does support multiple setups for a single spec but you will have to choose which one is highest priority, most likely your raiding spec. Other setups will then use the best available to them without changing enchants/gems/traits on setups with a higher priority. Sometimes this means that a lower priority spec will use an azerite piece with the wrong traits, this happens because it’s still your best option even with the wrong traits.

There was a Blog post about it a while ago, here you go.

Hi Senss,

Brilliant solution. I had not thought of renaming those. THANK YOU.

Hi Cluey,

Hmm must be something I did not understand or a setting that was bad for in-game gear. I’ll try it again.

And yes the solution Sienss pointed out is really what I needed! Thanks for the blog pointer too.