Manual attributes

HI guys,
i remember in a earlier version of askmrrobot there was the possibility given to set some target attributes (eg. versa, mastery, etc) and the program was creating some setup which fits to the demands. Is this option gone? I can not find it anymore…

AMR uses a refined algorithm based purely on simulations to generate the best possible stat combination which is not really compatible with setting arbitrary stat targets.
To achieve something like this you’d have to use another method of ranking gear - i.e. Stat Weights which by design can not give optimal results when trying to construct your whole equipment around one single set of numbers.

But if you absolutely want to use that system for your gear, you still can: You just have to create your own Gearing Strategy on the simulator ( and after this is complete you can change the gear ranking method to use Stat Weights where you can also define constraints for your stats. After saving the changes you can select that Gearing Strategy when optimizing you character.
This may break several other data points like trinket or azerite ranking though, as those are too complicated to work with simple Stat Weights (how do you translate something like “deals x damage” to a number comparable to e.g. crit?).

If that process is a bit more involved than you were looking for, you could try out the new “customize” feature:

Usually when people want to put in their own stat weights, they are most interested in favoring a particular stat. The customization feature will let you do that very easily, while retaining all the power of the machine learning based data to make your secondary stat choices for you, rank special effects like trinkets/azerite, etc.