Manually set the Legendaries and let AskMrRobot optimize the rest?

For Resto Druids the legendary choice is off, the Waist is never ever a BiS legendary. But that’s not the topic here.

I’d like to tell AskMrRobot which 2 Legendaries I’d like to use and let him calculate the rest to optimize my gear around that.
How can I achieve this?

Click on the slot and pick the legendary that you want. That will lock it in. A “save and update” button shows up - just click that and it will recalculate.

FWIW, the belt is actually very strong on a fight where there is a lot of tank damage. The current default strategy is based on a Krosus fight, which has constant, heavy tank damage - which is why it ends up being ranked so high. Many very highly ranked resto druids use the belt in mythic+ as well.

Are there plans to add an AoE Healing strategy that doesn’t focus on the Tank too much?
Druids aren’t the best Tankhealers anyways.

We’re going to add more healing scripts. There is a mistress sassz’ine script in the works that one of our users made. I’m going to take a look at that soon and see if we can add it to the defaults.

Druids make great tank healers - not sure where you’d get the idea that they aren’t very good at it. Depending on what types of tanks you have in your raid, they can be among the best tank healers. Resto Druid + Brewmaster is a very strong combo, for example.