Max on use + Revitalizing Voodoo Totem


Even though max on-use items is set to NONE, AMR still proposes Revitalizing Voodoo Totem into the trinket slot.

Even ignoring the ‘On Use’, the 658 Intellect R.V.T. has is the best you have, of the Trinkets on hand.

On paper, the Black Dragonscale is your best Trinket (with ‘On Use’ abilities ignored) & highlights that iL alone isn’t always the best metric; if you set no limit on ‘On Use’, the suggested top two trinkets are Black Dragonscale (socketed) & Lady Waycrest’s Musicbox (Lord Waycrest Ring set bonus)… neither of which have ‘On Use’, but aren’t necessarily the best iL pieces.

So that means that even if I never use the trinket’s on use, it would still be best value solely due to the intellect component? That kinda makes sense. Thanks

Yup… pretty much what I do w/ my characters.

In this particular case, there’s actually a bug causing it to not obey the max use limit setting sometimes when you have a custom stat allocation defined. We’ll fix that in the next update (either today or tomorrow).