May 2020: New Corruption Features for BfA

Today’s update contains several new features for ranking corruption effects:

Preserved Contaminants

You can buy preserved contaminants from MOTHER in the Chamber of Heart to put specific corruption effects on your gear now. The Upgrade Finder has a new search to help you with that. Read our Perserved Contaminant Ranking Guide for more details on this new feature.

Corruption Customization

The Customize tab on Best in Bags and Best in Slot will now let you customize the value of specific corruption effects. We went with a pretty flexible but simple approach:

  1. Go to the Customize tab when setting up Best in Bags or Best in Slot
  2. Check “Customize the value of corruption effects”
  3. You will see a list of each effect, with a textbox next to it. The value is a multiplier on that effect’s value. You can raise or lower it to make an effect stronger or weaker than our default ranking. For example, 1.5 would make it 50% stronger than our default ranking, 0.5 would make it half as strong as our default ranking. Enter 0 to make an effect worth nothing.

These modifications will apply to the Upgrade Finder as well.


  • If we estimate an effect has no value… the multiplier won’t help you, it will still have no value. The only place this would really come into play would be damage effects for healers. You will need to use the item locking feature to lock in items with damage corruption effects on healing specs still.

  • While you can apply a multiplier to any effect… you really shouldn’t need to apply it to the stat effects like Severe and Expedient. These are already handled pretty extensively by the optimizer. You could see some strange results if you e.g. put a 10x multiplier on Severe.

Corruption Limit on Batch Simulations

Under the Gear section when setting up a batch simulation (“Test Combinations”), you can now add a Corruption Max. All combinations that exceed your corruption max will be skipped. This value should be after your corruption resistance, e.g. 39 or 59 are common thresholds. This accounts for corruption resistance from your essence combos too.


Really love the new feature!

Regarding damage of corruption effects for healers, maybe set the robot to give them a really low value for healers so people like me that are interested in running some damage while healing in M+ etc can use a high multiplier and still use this feature but it doesn’t change much for people that only want to heal?

Love this. I have been waiting for exactly this and trying to bank ones I know are good. Now I can figure where to put those. <3 It doesn’t have to be perfect, this is the end of the expansion. Just don’t want to waste my weeks.

FWIW I would prefer to search through the Preserved Contaminant list in the new feature by the corruption names rather than by effect, since that’s how they’re listed in the Corrupted Effects feature. … and I’ve been referring to them by those names long enough I’m just used to it now.

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Yeah we can probably do that – I reused a list that we had elsewhere on the UI already. When we created features when corruption first came out we did it like that because the item tooltips don’t actually show you the name of the corruption effect.

Yes by name please, that is how best to manage and find. Thank you.

Thank you AMR team for the new Corruption features, I think the way you are finding how much of an upgrade each preserved contaminant will provide is very clever.

I have a quality of life UI suggestion, although I’m not sure how feasible it would be in terms of performance and UI Design.

At the moment for the Upgrade Finder Preserved Contaminant, you need to specify which Preserved Contaminant you are looking for, which is fine, particularly if you are only interested in certain types of corruption effects.

However, if I want to compare the ranking of all of the contaminants in one place, currently I would need to go through each contaminant one by one, and put them into my own spreadsheet. I’m fine with having to do it this way, but it is a bit time-consuming.

Would it be possible to have an option to show the ranking of all of the contaminants in a table (along with the % upgrade and the best item to put them on). Would there be a performance issue associated with doing this, since you would need to run multiple instances of what you are currently doing for the Preserved Contaminants algorithm? If there is also a UI Design issue with not being able to show all of the possible contaminants, maybe the top x contaminants, or all of the contaminants that give above a certain threshold for % upgrade.

We decided to make the feature somewhat limited (pick the corruption effect) because of performance issues that would occur if we did an exhaustive ranking. Best in Bag needs to be run for each effect. Most of the time when a user comes to the site, they run Best in Bag once. With this new feature, if we ranked, say, all tier 3 effects, we’d have to run Best in Bags 19 times each time the user used the feature. The increase in load on the site would be substantial.

That is why we decided to try it out like this for now and see if it was able to meet people’s needs.

@yellowfive I’ve used the Corrupted Effects upgrade finder to work out what to buy and picked up a couple before the vendor changed which are for sale, now I’ve got them how do I work out where to put them all?
Currently Preserved Contaminant is only looking one upgrade at a time, how do I work out how to pick the two or three items for the Corruption I’ve bought?

Is there a simple way of setting the simulator up for different types of corruption or do I have to manually add lots of different versions of the same item with different corruptions on them and then let the threshold on max corruption sort it out?

Edit. I’m a twit, in the edit I asked for something already there!