Maybe I'm doing this wrong

The last time I used AMR, I was able to import my character and see that items that I was wearing in comparison to possible upgrades. This included upgrades such as Warforged, etc. Now it seems to be just a generic list of items. Also, you could select the slot specifically rather than a list of items that you have to type a filter. This seems much worse and much less accurate.

If you want to see a ranked list of items for a particular slot, you can use the Gear Check (previously called Gear Explorer) and just click on any slot to bring up the list. Items that can be warforged are editable (click on the expander arrow to the left of the item in the list) and can be changed to any version of the item you would like to rank.

We don’t have warforged items in the Upgrade Finder right now like we used to because it never really quite worked out how we hoped. We ended up ranking thousands of items people didn’t really want to see. We’re thinking of a way to add in a function to search for some of the best items to fish for “upgraded” versions of, without just brute-force ranking a ton of items and slowing everything down.