Maybe Mistweaver needs more Haste?!


it looks like Haste is by far the best stat for Raiding if you can hit the Boss.

So how can I change my Settings to get as most Haste i can?


YES ! At least !
I called it (or really but i was really hopping for since the buff of the talent).

You set secondary stats here in “cutomize”.

But the rotation for the build is really different compare to what AMR is doing right now.
First we need to match the rotation and see if this build is getting popular.

Can you provide the snapshot code for you monk ?

Like this one : image

I can take a look at optimizing the rotation in the simulator more for rising mist - then we could re-run the data for the optimizer and see if it prefers high haste builds naturally.

Looks interesting.

So, I was messing around with the rotation based on some of that stuff that was linked. I’m definitely seeing that you could stack haste and focus mostly on renewing mist and enveloping mist with heavy rising sun kick use if you stack haste.

If you don’t stack haste… that’s not really going to work out.

To make the optimizer/simulator reflect this… I’d have to pick some level of haste at which you use this rotation vs a more “normal” rotation… we could probably find some sort of cut-off for how much haste you’d want to play like this… In general I try really hard not to hard-code some sort of stat cut-off into rotations unless it is absolutely necessary. It causes really weird data.

I am leaning towards a simpler solution here though - and that is that people who want to use this more advanced play style should use the customize section to push the optimizer to the build they prefer.

Would it be an option to have a checkbox to enable this playstyle inside the customize menu? because any stat forcing on our part is inevitably not going to be optimal. (thats why I use amr :slight_smile: ) Especially as this build seems quite different and viable compared to normal playing

It would only work as an option if I could generate a whole set of data for the build - which would require figuring out all the conditions that would need to be met for it to “cross over” into an optimal way to play in the rotation, like I was talking about. I’ll see if there’s something clever that could be done with the rotation.

I cant get it done with AMR. Even with BiS is it not possible to get me over 25%.

Really? I was able to get over 30% just using a generic character and BiS.

Load this snapshot:

Check out the customize tab and you’ll see some things I did to stack haste.

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