Merektha's Fang for tanking

Mr Robot really rates for my tank (warrior). Since the tooltip does not specify, i assume we’re not allowed to dodge/parry during the channel? Is that acknowledged by the sim?

I would guess that having only strength with no defensive proc or secondary stats makes this trinket much worse for survival than others at a similar iLvL.

It probably shouldn’t rank that item high for a tank… I’d have to look into it. I haven’t gotten that item in-game, does it have a channel? I know they added a GCD to it recently… but I don’t see a channel time in the spell data.

Yea exactly. It’s a channeled spell, applying a stack every second. I had the normal version while leveling, but that is scrapped a long time since. You definitely stop auto-attacking, but I never looked if you can parry or dodge while casting, but since it’s a channel without any special mention in the tooltip, I assume you can’t.

Wowhead lists the use spell as which is channeled with a 3 second cast?

We can update that item – yeah i guess the spell data I was looking at is a bit ambiguous with how it indicates channeled vs. not.

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