Merekthas fang simming wrong for DH

Hey Guys,
many high lvl Havoc DHs use Merekthas Fang cause its deals insane amount of DMG when used during the Meta/furious Gaze Haste on more targets. I tried to sim with it on AMR and it seems like its bugged. It doesnt use it at all.
How do i fix it?

Generally speaking that trinket is not intended to be used for Agility classes, so AMR completely ignores it to not unnecessarily inflate the amount of necessary calculations. If it’s really that common it might be useful to include it, but that’s something the AMR team has to decide.

If you just want to simulate it for yourself, you can create your own copy of the game data and use that: At the simulation settings you can open a menu to the left and from there open the “Theorycraft wiki”.

There you can select a random strength class and the current live version and then click the small “Clone” link below those two dropdown menus. This will create your copy of the own game data which you can modify as you see fit.

From there you should be able to got to “items” -> “Merektha’s Fang”, click “Edit” on the top, and change the “Required Role” to some thing more appropriate, e.g. “Melee”. After saving that change you should be able to go back to a new simulation and at the last step of setup you can change the “simulation engine” to your copy.

I didn’t add it to the rotation for agility specs. If you make your own rotation and add it in where you want, then you can simulate it.

Some weird stuff like this always creeps in to the game at the end of an expansion. I can look at whether that item would be worth creating a ranking for - or if it’s more of a gimmick burst damage item.

Well, according to this the Trinket is used a lot. I use it myself because it really is ridiculous when used right (larger pulls and with the 150%+ hase from Meta + Furious Gaze or even combined with Blood of the Enemy major essence). Dont know how that would be visible in a Simulation though. Gotta figure out how to include it in the Rotation and test with it a bit.