Meta not activating?


It is only putting a green gem in one socket. That won’t activate my relentless earthstorm diamond will it? I have enough slots that I could resocket something it just seems like an error that it didn’t.

In that snapshot I see 2 jagged talasites (shoulder, hands), that should be enough to activate it.

This is what I am seeing. only one green gem.

Could you create a new snapshot for me to use? The snapshot above does not have those 3 setups as shown in your screenshot.


I’ll take a look… this is actually a pretty difficult edge case. Most of the gems on your items are locked in place by a higher priority setup in your list. The meta gem cannot be activated by changing gems on the chosen items… different items would need to be chosen. I’ll see if I can get it to handle this a bit better.


New quick question, why not put the glinting from the belt into the yellow socket in the shoulder instead, it seems like a free socket bonus as opposed to no bonuses.

We don’t give any value to stamina for DPS specs, so it’s ignoring that socket bonus. You could make that swap though to get it. I could see if we can add some code to go for zero-value bonuses when it wouldn’t impact the solution otherwise, but it’s a pretty low priority. Such situations are rare, and the total gains you could get from it are so small that it would have no noticeable impact on your survival in-game.