Minor essence rankings

Just wondering why the Unbound Force minor is getting ranked so highly even on characters with really high crit?
This is on my mage with 71.5% crit.

I’m aware I can exclude it and that the Robot is struggling with the high amounts of secondary stats we can get now.
I’m guessing the data set didn’t have crit this high?
With the azerite trait Blightborne Infusion active I’d gain 23% crit without factoring in the crit gained from the Severe corruption, so really I’m over 100% now which means I should probably change weapon enchants as that’s a stacking crit proc with a larger crit proc at five stacks.

Also is there a way of ranking The Formless Void with a higher uptime?
I know I can run some simulations tweaking the Theorycraft Wiki but that doesn’t change the result in BiB.

Did you ever get a chance to test if the buff could be refreshed @Swol or @yellowfive?

I did an update today that reduces the value of unbound force.