Minor QoL update for the Addon

When putting the string back into the addon, for equipment, it makes a specific gear set for AMR.
I really think this is an AMAZING thing, however, there is one minor flaw with it.

It unequips tabard/shirt.

Can we get an update so it will ignore these slots instead of unequipping them? Would make it go from amazing to bloody perfect.

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Well, who wouldn’t want to be bloody perfect?! I’ll add this to our list of things to fiddle with for the addon. We won’t get to it before Uldir, but we want to work on the addon a bit after the raid launches. Can’t make promises (I’m not our dev and so I have no idea how hard things are), but I’ll definitely check in with him :slight_smile:

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I thought that I already had code to ignore shirt/tabard slot when making gear sets… maybe it isn’t working correctly… which addon version are you using?

Thank you both for reacting so quickly!

I found a post from a while back that said so as well, @yellowfive but as I reacted on that post as well, I have version 63 (as you stated in that post to be the latest version) but it is not doing it for me.

Is there a setting I need to tick either on the website or in the addon that I might have missed?

So when I look at the gear set created by the addon, this is what I see:

Notice the red circle with line on the shirt/tabard – that means the equipment manager is ignoring those slots. Is that not what you see?

Nops, it isn’t doing that. No idea why, though. I can manually override it, but I have to do that every time I import it again, manually.

AMR Thing;

Manual Override;

Not sure what’s up… maybe some quirk of the equipment set API. The code to save is really simple:

C_EquipmentSet.IgnoreSlotForSave(INVSLOT_BODY) -- shirt

If that doesn’t work… then I guess I don’t know how to do it unfortunately. It does work for me… maybe there’s something specific for some people that prevents it from working… when I get some free time I can try to figure it out.

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