Missing conduit!

Heyya! I noticed today that a conduit is sort-of-missing.
For Druids, there is a Guardian conduit, that although listed even by Blizzard in game as a Guardian one, actually works for all other specs (and makes it for a defensive, pretty strong for all specs, if not THE strongest!)

Well Honed Instincts.
If wished for, I could probably provide logs to proof it actually procs in other specs as well.

Any chance we could have that updated? :smiley:

Ooh and to add to that, as a Balance Druid with Resto Affinity (and thus not even having the spell at all) it ALSO still procs and works. Not even Guardian Affinity is a requirement.

We can add it as an option for other specs โ€“ but it wonโ€™t really matter because we donโ€™t rank defensive conduits for DPS specs. You can use whatever you prefer in those slots.

Sorry for the late reply!

It still suggests me to swap it out to a different conduit.
So something is being done with it :stuck_out_tongue: