Missing Epic Gems

SnapshotID: 166345f8bd784a4c8204699bfa06700a

The epic gem Sparkling Empyrean Sapphire is missing from the list of epic gems to select in the TBC optimizer. Arcane mages could find them useful to help with mana regeneration.

We filter out gems that only have spirit for non-healer specs because they typically aren’t a very good choice. If that is a popular choice though, we can adjust the filtering.

Can filtering be optional or selectable? I don’t know how the optimizer works, but shouldn’t it have access to all the gems in case there is a better score with these filtered gems?

We could show pure spirit gems for non-healers if people want them. Probably would only ever matter for mages though, so we could flag pure spirit gems as relevant for mages.

That works for me as I am currently running an arcane mage in TBC.