Missing legendary? Fire Mage Fevered Incantation Shadowlands

I am reading that Fevered Incantation is BiS.

Regardless, AMR doesn’t even list it as one of the gears? Therefore aren’t all BiS misinformed? Kinda key when deciding what to craft…

Hmmm, I definitely implemented the effect in the simulator. There must be something going on with the item data, I’ll take a look today and figure out why it isn’t showing up.

Actually, it does show up in the list. The name of the item is Incanter’s Circlet. It is ranked in the lists. Whether or not we agree with other sources on how good it is - that’s another question entirely :wink:

We tend to have slightly different estimations of the relative power of some of the items. Think of it as another potential data point for you to consider.

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