Missing new heirlooms

The new BFA heirlooms are not recognized by AMR and has me use an empty slot instead of using them.

If you post an addon export string and let me know which particular item (the name and/or ID) is missing, I can take a look.

76;US;Azgalor;Reynard;Sacred Mentors;1;2;82;0;12:61,13:39;3;.s1;25;;.s2;26;;.s3;27;1232300;.q3;38005s9v77b3687b1852;9s10v0b-1852;137s17v-1b0;100s12v-12b77;499s11v15b-76b1854;12s14v-1b-1854;367s16v0b0b1854;51184s8v4b-1844;22052s6v-6b-3664b4208;9884s1b1563;6s7b0;6s15b0;98s3b0;2s13b0;22s5b0;30747s2b0;.inv;4603;1696;66;583;15881;418;10198;2;2278;72;2;29;152v79b1707b2143;15v-2b-2170b2170;1928;61v-8b-163b1852;87v8b-1852b1851;84v-1b-1851;594v2b1b1854;274v1b-1854;489;3499;9316;683;1203;3069v1b5;4v0b0;5v0b0;14v0b0;70v1b0;881;2;2230;1591v0b150;5v-1b-1;3v0b0;6110;1;4790;1845;8;3;6350;6;20;181;5;1;573v2b-2154b2618;63v-1b-2621b2621;1114;1000;4955;1175v1b-608;12v0b0b1785;23v-1b-1785;11v0b0;446v1b145;31585b1962;0b0;5805b0;38584b0

The item I first noticed this on was “Bolstering War Horn”. But I have seen the issue with others as well. Let me know if you need more.

I don’t see any blank slots when i load that export… i also don’t see any war horn items in your inventory or equipped…

Those items have been renamed on the PTR btw to Orcish War Horn and Dwarven War Horn (horde/alliance respectively). I do see them in our item data, so in theory it should show up if you own them…

It is in my inventory in the linked info. That and the pirate ring, it has the same problem.

I just recreated the horn and the ring.

77;US;Azgalor;Reynard;Sacred Mentors;1;2;110;1;12:61,13:1;3;.s1;25;;;.s2;26;;;.s3;27;1232311;;.q3;121493s14v104b664;8s8v2b103;754s7b5038;6s15b0;98s3b0;5s17b0;19s5b0;6823s11v1b-4011;22s9v2b-1026;11s12v-1b0;79s13v-1b-104;14s6v1b0;5223s10v-2b103;23520s2b705b3460b1b2;2836s1a278681;2614s16;.ess;.inv;6365;583;16299;12581;52554;196;534;21448;1548;1437;2572;2588;2301v105b1683b129;112v4b-93b93;7v-1b-1205b1205;7v1b-106b106;22v-3b-105b101b4;177;24;9;58v-3b-1044;1v-2b-1b967;20v4b59;72v2b-1;45v-1b-1025;689b5038;112b0;3b0;1753;1;3;316;1;1;2160;35;1535b0;307b-5062b739x133032y-6p3p1479p311p16p0;617;11;66v-1b-818;1v-1b0b1072;150v3b-969;15v1b-103;7v1b1129;2839;1;1;20;27;528v-1b-1129b1072;24v-1b-969;23v0b-103;26v2b1129;77v-6b-1025;45v1b-104;593v1b0;266;1;14;2718;5;235;856;469;728;23v0b1129;16;1078v1b-1026;236;1200;2393;9345b5038;13623b0

(Side note – it really saves time if you can give the full name and/or ID as seen in game for the items that aren’t loading for you.)

I’m assuming you are referring to this ring: Signet of the Third Fleet - Items - WoWDB

I see that in your inventory on the website when I load your character. It doesn’t get picked because it’s not very good stat-wise. You can certainly lock it in for a leveling build though.

As for the trinket, I assume you are referring to Orcish War Horn - Items - WoWDB

I see that when your inventory loads, but it doesn’t show in the list because it’s not being flagged as relevant for your spec because it has no primary stat relevant to your spec, and we didn’t bother implementing any value for the use effect. I could look into making it bypass the filtering when I get some time.