Missing priest spells?

I was messing with the Holy Priest rotation and noticed that Holy Fire and Holy Word: Chastise are both missing from the spell list.

Is this intentional? Is there a way for me to add custom spells in for private use?

I didn’t bother with damage spells for healers if they provide no benefit to healing. You can make a copy of the theorycraft wiki and create your own version and add the spells in if you wish. That’s not super self-explanatory to do, but we can help you through it when you have question.

That sounds interesting, how complicated would that process be? Is there a walk-though somewhere that I could follow?

It wouldn’t be that bad… you can clone a version of the wiki. A link to do that shows up below the version picker in the tree on the left.

Then you use the buttons at the top middle of the wiki pages to add a spell. Find the id of the spell on wowhead or something and you can get some of the info to fill in automatically like the name and icon and spell school.

You can look at similar spells from a dps spec to get an idea of how to implement a spell. If that isn’t enough just ask and we can help out.

There is no tutorial for making spells right now, sorry.