Missing Trinket - Seasoned Hunter's Trophy

Snapshot ID: 532642a6a35b4e9688672795281d8b13

Apparently the trinket Seasoned Hunter’s Trophy is missing from my trinket so I can’t select this. I am trying to use this one over the turtle one.

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We typically exclude agility trinkets for warriors…

also missing this trinket for my lock. i got a 372 version. shows as equipped but not in trinket list. its a good haste trinket for 1 pet. No primary state so not sure where the agility comment is coming from.

It only has agility, doesn’t convert to strength or intellect. Lock it in if you really want to use it, but the optimizer isn’t going to see agility as an ideal stat for anything that doesn’t have agility main stat.

It has primary stat if you use agility. The overall value of it probably isn’t that great compared to something that comes with it’s intended stats + on use/passive.

thanks i found the agility it was talking about.