Missing trinket

I got Mistcaller Ocarina from an M+ earlier and BiB is suggesting a 146 blue instead.
I thought that was odd so I looked in the Wiki and can’t see the trinket in there, or I’m looking in the wrong place, so BiB doesn’t have enough data to optomise around it.

I also learnt that you can change the stat it gives by purchasing the relevant item from Master Clerk Salorn, I changed mine to crit.
Apparently you can get multiple buffs from people in your group, not the whole raid, as long as they aren’t the same secondary.

It is implemented, and ranked, and we have all 4 versions of it. In the wiki it shows up under “bonus effects” because the effect is added via a bonus.

It won’t rank well for an individual because the proc is quite small. But since it goes on 4 other people as well, you may want to use it anyway.

oh, I was looking under the items section.
I’ll run a few things with logging on and see if it’s worthwhile.