Mistweaver : Analysis of Vivify

Hi all members of AMR !
I start this discussion to thinks on the mistweaver monk. For the next patch, monks got a some changes. I thinks we can all agree it’s a pretty good buff.

I’m a new monks, i played a little on WOD and more on Legion. I’m currently a casual player, only done like 2 bosses in Mythic ? So i’m looking to optimize my job on heroic. My equipement is handle by AMR with a crit base stats.
So from the beginning of the Nighthold, i don’t feel confortable on the Essence Font build. I don’t like it. It fell like you have nothing to do just spam one spell without looking for a target (witch is generally the job of a healer). So i was looking to find a way to do what i like without using too mutch Essence Font.
So, when i look at my logs, i see Vivify generally takes the first place. So, how to improve the use of Vivify ?

First let’s take a reference for our healing. I will only use AMR as a tool, the number is not relevant.
702562 HPS in a fight for 300s (5min).
I’ve choose to go for 120s fight after this because it’s not necessarry to go further even in progress.
120s simulation reference : 636436 HPS

(It feel weird to have less HPS with a shorter simulation)

The rotation
With the last update to AMR on healer rotation. I got into it and try to creat a new Vivify rotation for vivify.
First i was trying to use Essence Font on larger people. Essence Font was used for 5 injured. I tried it to 8 then 10 (Sim with 10 injured for EF: 676447 HPS: +6%). The HPS goes lower and lower. So i’ve just block the use of Essence Font.

0 EF : 652629HPS : +2%

Then i’ve run the Gearing simulation to get new stats for this optics.
Using obvisouly the Machine Learning because it’s clearly the better one. (IA can’t be undefeted with Machine Learning, it’s just take time). this new gear goes on haste ! Fuck there will be mana management to handle ! With from the beginning of Nighhold, is not a problem ! Yeah somes times it’s hard to handle because i’m using a lot of Essence Font. Using vivify, i got less problem and it’s easier for mana management on harder boss as Guldan, Elisandre, Aluriel.
So the gearing goes on:
8400crit 7600haste 1000mastery 6600vers
I was hopping for a mastery build but not.

So let’s see how it’s goes with the new build: Full vivify + haste : 678809HPS : +6% from the reference.
BUT, you forget something, Ei’thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas. I’ve just add them to my gear, and change the legs (worst of the two legendary).
Ei’thas Sim: 683039HPS : +7%

So, to conclude, this idea was bullshit ! xD But can be equivalent because +6% (and no need of the legendary) is not a big deal. If you are more confortable with vivify like me, go on. And more than that, gearing or rotation does not allow you to not apply the strat!

After that, i’ve become obsessed. I’m running the Gearing v2 and try to get better result. (I tried the Gearing v2 like 4 times ? It never ends … Crash, update, Pc turning off…).

Shaoshao rotation
During this week, i had a discussion with Swol, a really good guys in AMR community :p. He suggested to go with the Shaoshao rotation.
I looked into it : Shaoshao Sims with crit gear : 730371 HPS: +13%
(with the vivify gearing : with the vivify gear : 777066 HPS : +18%

So yeah, that’s an improvement, i will run a gearing for this rotation for sure ! More than that it’s a game changer because of the 2T20. But, i tried it yesterday on a hm raid… that’s difficult to play xD. The cast of sheilun is pretty long and i’m not use to it. So, i’m going on a haste build.
From 1,9s cast with 6% haste i go to 1,56s cast with 28% and more than that, no mana management ! Effuse and Sheilun are almost free ! Let’s see if this can go better with a specific gearing for shaoshao.

Se you all next time !

Keep in mind that if you are using very short simulation times, like 120 seconds in your example, the value of haste will go up dramatically because mana is a non-issue. Mistweavers go out of mana very quickly when there is a lot of AoE damage and we need to cast a lot of Vivify and/or Essence Font.

Also, I think the HPS went down on the 120 second sim compared to the longer one because there isn’t time to use Revival and Chi-Ji twice.

I choose 120s because it’s under my expectation of HPS (for the two revival). I’m not sure if mana will be a problem with Thunder focus thea. Will try on longer fight like 500s.

haste braking point:
So if the fight goes longer, mana will be a problem …
The breaking point is around 350 mabe ?
Sims 1 : 300s 724000 HPS
Sims 2 : 400s 580000 HPS
Sims 3 : 500s 483000 HPS
So yeah… Mana is a problem…