Mistweaver BiB Strategies

Hi AMR !
So their is some move on mistweaver gearing. That nice but still some BiB solution i doesn’t like.
First things first, the code at the end of this post.
- MM+ gearing -

After the last upgrade, this trinket keep comming in my BiB and thats weird. Mana shouldn’t be a problem in MM+ si we consider we can regen after every packs.Probably just a margin error. The script using Moroes so my guess is the fight is too long.

Other one :

My guess here it’s the “leech” having a very hight rank in healing, so maybe nothing “bad” just me that doesn’t like the 895 items

- Shaohao gearing -
RAS but it’s really good to have a real gearing strat and not one of mine.

- Raid Healing-
For this one i just doesn’t like the belt “Ovyd’s Winter Wrap” because i never use the “Enveloping mist” spell. My Hpal keeping tanks at full life.

So with this i could take a better look in the “MM+” gearing strat. Some afflix aren’t script yet ? As Quaking ?

Just giving some idea:
Could it be possible to do a gearing depending on afflix ? I would take a long time but with the Glonet, it could be possible ? Having every week a sims going on, for the afflix of the next one. For example, last week with bursting you have a very predictaded dmg in comming. That could do more then 70% of the max life every 2s. This kind of afflix could use a lot more haste / mastery than explosive where you will have random dmg going on but rarely a burst heal needed.

Thanks for your time !

54;EU;Hyjal;Sienss;Vox Draconis;13;2;110;13:815,15:8,11:800,3:800,14:786,12:800;2;.s1;16;2123213;1277,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,81,167,1,1,1,98;1,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,11,1;137327b1577b3337b3535,147114b1497b3528b3562,151292b1587b3337b3418;1,1739,35,-4,-489,-2,6,1,0,1,0,0,0/2,454,42,2,-498,-2,-5,1,0,0,0,0,0/3,461,32,-1,-486,-3,4,1,0,0,0,0,0;.s2;17;1133122;931,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,349,80,170,1,1,1,95;1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,4,1,1,15,1;147093b1507b3336b3562,147105b1507b3336b3562,147113b1517b3337b3562;1,1739,39,-1,-837,4,-5,1,0,1,0,0,0/2,800,41,2,-844,607,-602,1,0,1,0,0,0/3,796,40,-9,-827,-2,4,1,1,0,0,0,0;.s3;18;3113132;800,1,19,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,261,247,35,173,1,1,1,92;4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,4,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,4,1,1,7,1;137270b1562b3528b3573,147101b1497b3528b3562,142194b1532b3336b3417;1,1739,40,5,-690,-294,24,1,0,0,0,0,0/2,915,32,11,-961,1,727,1,0,0,0,0,0/3,190,41,3,-689,-294,1,1,0,0,0,0,0;.q1;128938s16b732x137327y9787z4178;5257s10b865b1740b81;174s8b-1831b1749b82;39s15b-1836b1755b80;40s7b-1815b1735b81;2568s5b-1607b1759;517s11b-2003b1851b110;6726s14b-1717b1759;2753s13b-2073b2031b34;2s2b-2050b1825b225;7s12b-2065b311b1720b34x291e5430;18s6b-2060b1834b226;2s9b-2045b1820b225;113s1b-2050b2016b35;2s3b-2071b1844b225e501;.q2;128937s16b733x147093y12z8;3507s2b2726b111x-16892e5437;1193s12b-1998b1764b82e-10;643s9b-3377b1551b1745b199;168s7b-1934b1735b81;2876s8b-1836b1755b199;4815s5b-1964b236b1529b81x0;2119s14b-1607b1759;2749s13b-2058b1824b226;14s11b-2065b311b1720b34x21362e3;19s6b-2065b2031b34;112s15b-2065b2031b34e5;1s10b-2065b311b1720b34x-21362;1s1b-2050b2016b35;2s3b-2071b1844b225e448;.q3;128940s16b734x137270y9831z-4907;5008s17;331s11b853b1750b236;169s7b-1971b1735b81;40s2b-1871b1789b82e5891;2609s9b41b70b41;227s8b-1988b1755b199;4815s5b-1964b236b1529b81x-11973;2120s13b-1607b1759;2762s12b-2073b311b1720b34x21362e-461;131s15b-2065b2031b34e5;1s10b-2065b311b1720b34x-21362;1s1b-2050b2016b35;2s3b-2071b1844b225e448;191s6b-2054b2021b34;3960s14b-3520b1525b241b1528b237;.r;_;.inv;3371;0;966;2611;3077;16019;1;18993;760;25285;551;13872;4045;14714;4811;617;867;997;1704;1;2;2016;1135;1930;127;450;19;645;1359;0;343b1572b1956b45;1330;1301;182;0;0;1;0;1;1;2;1;0;1;1;1;1;1;3;1;1;0;1;1;1;1;0;3;0;313;0;0;0;0;1;1;0;1;1;1;2673;655;70;3;3;1;1;370;86;0;10;624b-2841x137327y9787z4178;2b2x-14022y9831z-4907;92;2;66;187;2;948b-134b79b10b1063x-11946e5437;3328;0;1;1;1;0;0;2;1;0;2;0;0;1;0;4;10;1;4;14;0;0;13b-180b1764b82;14b-1876b266b1528b200x-29e-7;3b-1979b1780b81e0;1b-1921b316b1597;1b-1883b1810b80;6b-1920b316b1598;0b-1814b1740b81;36;0;0;34;40e500;402b-1856b1775b236;38b-1976b1740b81;45b-1851b1770b81;39b-1831b1750b236;90b-1986b1749b82;2b-1836b1755b197;33b-1982b1785b199;1b-1954b1755b199;3b-1954b1755b80;21b-1845b1765b197;13b-1982b1784b82;3b-1831b1750b81;2b-1856b1775b81;8b-1866b1785b199;0b-1949b1750b81;0b-1866b1784b82;5b-1846b1764b81;28b-1870b1789b82e-39;1b-1861b1780b81;1b-1856b246b1720b45;0b-2056b1819b80;2b-1859b251b1529b81;6b-1831b1750b81;30b-1876b1794b81;3b-1875b1876b110e-461;1b-1961b1769b237;5b-2036b271b1529b173x2e-3;2479b-1699b1759;3b-111b111;49b-111b111;28b-111b111;1b-111b70b41;223b-3527b1539b1755b81;4b-1871b1963b18;12b-1961b1851b110;42b-2036b235b81b5;41b-276b1799b199;21b-1963b1765b197;15b-1977b1780b81e456;25b-1831b1750b81;0b-1866b1784b174;4b-2008b1834b75;0b-1879b281b1722;25b-1968b1851b110;5b-1966b1966b8;1b-1994b1876b110;15b-1976b1785b199;3b-1969b1851b110;0b-1976b256b1720b6;62;1;0;1;0;45;469;181;0;33b-2032b1835b179;3b-2024b1844b180;3b-3473b1444b2029b12;3b-2026b1835b179;3b-3475b1451b1844b180;542b-57b111;226b-2013b1779b82;53;2;15;61b-1921b308b3b1528x27e-453;6b-3295b1511b1785b199;6b-2049b318b3;535;77;86;246;280;115;0;0;202b-326b331b1631;2b-1947b1840b107;2b-1962b331b1631;0b-1937b1829b109;1b-1963b1962b84;2b-2041b2029b12;6b-3486b1450b1844b180;1b-2029b2029b12;2b-2056b341b1701;1b-2022b1844b180;1b-2024b316b1709b11;50b-2041b2029b12;2b-3488b1447b321b5b1703x-29;1b-2034b326b5b1631x0;1b-1952b1844b180;1b-3473b1459b1834b109;2b-1958b321b5b1703x2;31b-2029b326b1703e0;1b-2009b1830b179e0;1b-2024b316b1529b178x26;2b-2028b2029b12;1b-2021b1830b179;0b-2019b1840b177;5b-2027b326b1703;3b-2019b1839b180;11b-2019b1839b181;87b-1985b1996b45;318;1;121;0;36b-2101;0b0b1994b62;123;47;465;22b-1991b1799b80;1b-1894b1815b81;2b-1911b1829b173;16b-1987b1815b81;4b-1916b1916b110;4b-2056b336b1646x-28;4b-1932b1815b81e6;1b-1906b215b1610e-6;1b-1805b1804b82;37;125;1;1;92b-1921b311b1699x2e461;41;1192;588b-1696b1759;10b-1759b1759;18b-111b70b41;63b-111b111;137b-1998b1764b237;2280;146;3;57;21b-2061b2016b35;19b-2081b2046b33;2b-2064b2031b34;0b-2065b2031b34;6b-3520b1455b2031b34;1b-2065b2031b34;1b-2065b311b1720b34;1b-2050b1825b225;6b-2065b311b1720b34;0b-2065b2031b34;1b-2065b2031b34;1b-2045b1819b227;0b-2066b2031b34;2b-3520b1460b1834b237;1b-2076b2031b34;1b-2075b1849b228;1b-2052b1825b225;1b-2065b1840b224;0b-2064b2031b34;1b-2060b1834b226;0b-2080b2046b33;4b-2054b1829b226;1b-3522b1467b2021b34;0b-2070b2036b33;1b-2044b1819b227;0b-3521b1460b1834b226;0b-3520b1440b2046b33;2b-2059b1834b226;2b-2060b1834b226;1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Hey there.

For the mythic+ gearing strategy, I’m using a VERY difficult setting, so the fight is 150 seconds. Looking at super high mythic+ logs, that looked to be realistic for people pushing their gear. As you know, the Moroes fight ramps up in healing difficulty because of the garrotes. Mana becomes an issue and a limiting factor in that case.

Mistweavers can run out of mana insanely fast if they have to start spamming spells. The idea here is that gearing for fights that aren’t that hard to heal isn’t “interesting” compared to gearing for those few fights where you are pushed to your limit. We can revisit the fight length in the future if the results aren’t to people’s liking. People with high ilvl gear have to do a ridiculously hard fight to push their gear, which makes the fight take longer.

I would like to implement some of the affixes that are interesting/relevant for healers. That’s still on the list of future additions that I plan to make. Pretty soon I’ll come back to healing again and do another round of updates based on feedback - although feedback is really sparse because I can’t convince most people that healing simulation is “a thing” now :wink:

Appreciate the feedback!

As far as ovyd’s in the raid healing simulations - the rotation assumes that you will prioritize consuming the Surge of Mists procs, which causes you to use at least a few Enveloping Mists, since there really isn’t a reason not to use those procs. Even using enveloping mist only 5 times or so over the course of the fight, Ovyd’s is competitive with Prydaz as far as healing output is concerned, so the item is probably falling well within the margin of error.

Hey !

Thanks for the answers. Ok so that’s explain why mana is a point on moroes fight. I’m not doing lots of push key. Using the mana trinket doesn’t feel usefull now (for +15 max). I will just replace it with somethings else. But i can understand on +17 i will bee oom for sure, so it will be usefull.

I am convince by you work for sure ! And some guildmate too. I’m doing pretty good perf with my current equipement entirely choosen by AMR. For other heal, well I don’t play them as my monk but disco feel good. A Rdruid mate is using AMR too but it seems he have more diffiulties. I can tell it’s because he slack in AoE xD not because of his equipement. He never know if he should use mastery as AMR tell or haste. He fell better using haste but lose a lot of mana.

About the feedback
So one things that could be very nice, is a graph showing the average level of mana during the fight just to see the if the fight is going well… or not. In the same idea, Nemo explain me how to get a nice setting for a “challenging” sims. Using the MM+ level to get to 0.4 death/ally. It could be nice, if a non-specialist of AMR is doing a healing sims “challenging”. The sims will automatically handle the level of difficulties even if it spend longer on the sims.

Could i have you point of view on the Shaohao gearing ? I really like it but when the fight is though, it’s hard to keep up. We can see it in the sims : “Normal” & Shaohao the Shaohao is doing more HPS but so mutch more death.

One last point, i’m convince for the MM+ script Mastery is really helpfull for MM+ but it would be nice to try to script an entire dungeon and run it ? But i’m not convince that will be really usefull because it’s depending a lot of “randomness”. If a mate get a combo, i will use Life cocon but in the script i’m not sure you can use it and have a good result.

In the same way, having another script than Krosus… Poor Krosus he is getting old now. For the current raid, there not a boss interesting. Maybe in the next one ?

Thanks for your time !

Yeah I want to incorporate more healing scripts - Twitchys has a Mistress one that I keep meaning to add to the default, but it takes an insanely long time to simulate, so I haven’t made gearing strategies for it.

The Krosus script has really heavy tank damage, so I’d like to add a raid script that focuses on more raid healing and less on the tanks.

My idea for mythic+ was that you really only need to gear for when the healing gets really hard, which generally only happens in small bursts. We could script an entire dungeon and simulate it… but it would take a really long time. I picked a fight that I felt was very difficult to heal and set it up to gear for that fight.

The Shaohao is nice for when you need to be more mana efficient, but it won’t do the same amount of AoE healing as using a lot of Vivify. I personally use the shaohao style in my raids because it fits in with our healing team well. I have to do a lot of patch healing on the tanks and also spot heals since we don’t have a holy paladin to take care of that type of healing. I think it works particularly well in raids without holy paladins, since monks are probably one of the next best at being a tank healer.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get to graphs or not, we’ll see. They would be pretty and nice, but, I question how often they’ll really get used by people so I keep putting it off. If you have the output level set to log and then set the filters to only show “energize” events, you can get a pretty easy view of how your mana was doing over the course of the fight. Not as nice as a graph, but, definitely usable for the time being.

Okay, maybe next raid we will get a nice next boss that’s doesnt burn your computer :p, not like this Mistress script. May it be because of the add ? (Last time i looked into the script, there where a tons of adds in the script. Like they never really die, just have parameter “untargetable” on them, that probably because of it ?).

The Boss “portal keeper”, from the few try i’ve saw, it seem interesting but difficult to script i thinks (because of the variation of ppl around). From a streamer MM raider, all first doesn’t seem interesting. Varimatras et Aggramar seem very overtune in PTR so impossible to tell :/. I saw Aggramar but not Varimatras. I would be better to have a script totally predictable (like Krosus) and one without prediction possible ?

Okay, i understand where it’s very usefull ;-). I’m using it on inquisition for more mana efficiency. I will try to use it more often in progress. It difficult to use in raid 20. Too mutch happening… and it’s easier to spam EF :p.

Yeah it won’t be very “usefull”, just beautiful … When i try to understand what happen after some try, i like to use “https://wowanalyzer.com/”. Looking to the graph is very usefull to see the ratio heal/mana consume and the curve. It interesting to see if the fight was easy or hard. (Could it be usefull to find the braking point for difficulty ?)

Thanks again !

I think the tier 21 set bonuses will really favor the shaohao healing style of firing out many patch heals quickly and then using renewing mist/gift for a big and efficient AoE healing. I’m really looking forward to it.

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