Mistweaver - Covenant - Venthyr conduits

Hi !

I’m looking into covenant choice for the mistweaver this time around.
I’m looking to understand : “what scale in time” (‘character progression’) “what doesn’t”.

I’ve a sims with every covenant in the actual state (good or not) :
I’ve use the build i like and the two first best soulbinds i’ve for this build.

The venthyr conduit “Inbued Reflectionsseems very strong maybe too strong.
Same with “Service in Stone” that apply 10% reduction under 40% health.

I was about to do the same sim for rank 1, rank 5, rank 10 and rank 15 to see like a progression “overtime” but it felt strange with this overtuned spell.

Do you think it’s overtuned ?

One mistake i’ve made is looking at Conduit rank 15. Which can’t be obtained.
Max if 7 apprently

I don’t know on that one yet - they just recently changed fallen order monks and fixed a lot of bugs. I still have to work on the mistweaver version of the spell more.

In my opinion, it’s too soon to be doing serious comparison of covenant and conduits. They haven’t done the major balancing pass pre-release yet. I expect significant changes in the next couple builds.

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Thanks for the feedback ! =D

If their is any big change i’m gonna redo the ranking anyway so but at least i have a good idea on what doing on and what does what.

Let’s wait and see =D