Mistweaver - data analysis more feedback from you =D

Hello there !

Once gain it’s me another vidéo here on Youtu… Ho wait wrong script.
It’s me once again on the forum !

So i’m still looking at some data i’ve generated for mistweaver raid heal (+3) for figt lenght going from 200s to 480s passing my 325s.

Few things is catching my mind.

  1. Chi Wave is making an amazing push compare to Chi Burst, (withing 3-4% maybe?) i dont remember any mistweaver community suggesting taking Chi Wave ever. I’ve not notice any change to Chi Burst but in the wiki their is that :

    Is it new ? I remember it was hitting 6 targets not more.

  2. Refreshing Jade Wind is still on of the best talent on the row even if mana is an issue. For longer fight (480s) it seems like Rising Mist is taking ahead a bit but not thats mutch.

  3. But somethings i found weird is on shorter fight (200s) Rising Mist is Clearly on top of Upwelling, any idea why ?

  4. Spirit of the Crane is making a push on the fight that is long, is it due to the fact that mana is missing for more use of Tiger Palm and Backout Kick used as filler at the end of the rotation when no other spell can be used ?

Thanks again for your feedback !

Hmmm. I remember putting that in because Chi Burst was using a diminished healing beyond 6 targets… but trying it out in-game right now I’m not seeing it diminish, at least not at 6 targets. I healed 10 for full value… I guess I’ll change that and set it to diminish at 20 targets, which is kind of the “default” for AoE.

That will make it pretty untouchable for raid healing.

I think that Enveloping Mist is really strong, and Rising Mist lets you keep it going for longer, for free… which is just ending up being more valuable right now. I’ll keep an eye on it as I continue to work on the rotation.