Mistweaver - Fistweaving BiB?

Hi !

I getting out the monk for the end of the expansion just for fun.
I’m running on a weird result from BiB.
I have a head suggested by AMR : “Notorious Gladiator’s Leather Cape”
With “Secret Infusion” and “Misty Peaks” as main azerith trait.

I also have in my bag : “Corrupted Gladiator’s Leather Hood”
With the same major azerith.

I did a simulation with on or the other equipe :
Notorious Gladiator’s Leather Cape
Corrupted Gladiator’s Leather Hood

The second one here is clearly better. So i was wondering why ?
I tried lower difficulty settings but could find a setup where the 420 iLvl is better.

Could you have a look ?

Here is the snapshot :

I’d guess in this case that gutripper is getting ranked too high in conjunction with conflict and strife as the major essence. It’s not TOO far out of bounds for a healing optimization, considering we had to get pretty liberal with the error margin to even make it possible at this point. I can see if there is an adjustment to be made there.

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Not specially an adjustement, but i wonder if iLvl could just be “priorities” over absolute gain when their is setup really close to each other (only comparing azerith power for example).
Cause iLvl will probably be overall better (thinking specially abouth the stamina or intellec it provide in general compare to a simple proc of gutripper).