Mistweaver Guide on AMR

Hey, I was looking at the guide and had a few questions

The covent rankings that I have been seeing elsewhere were Weapons of Order = Bone Dust Brew > Feline stomp >>> Fallen order. Can I ask why the ones on the Guide are Fallen Order > Weapons of order > Feline stomp > Bone Dust Brew?

With the talent set up, I’m lost as to what I would change in my play to make Chi wave = Chi burst?
With the Third row, from what I’ve seen else ware, generally speaking, Mana tea > Spirt of the crane >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Life cycles. What is different that is making life cycles close to equal for the row?
With the 6th row, from what I’ve read elsewhere, the gcd’s needs to keep up summon jade statue, making it very annoying, and worse than taking nothing in that row. You losing too much healing and/or dmg micromanaging the statue.
There also is no mention of the bug with Summon Jade Serpent Statue.
Lastly, why is the default lego Yu’lon whisper? That 3rd, in order of importance, and 2nd in ease of use.

Sorry if this comes off as me attacking, I didn’t mean it that way. I want to know why you’re going against the popular option so much, and if it has to do with AMR or whoever wrote the guide.

Ps: Why is there no credit for whoever wrote the guide.

Hi fellow Mistweaver ! =D

I was all lost as you reading other guide. I’ve trusted AMR and it feel great for every point you mentionned here.

Let me give you my perspectives sorry long post.

As a fervent user of AMR and someone who litterally spend weeks during beta playing with AMR (and with the help of AMR’s team). The covenant choice you see is based over the sims on multiple talent setups/gear etc… I decided to follow @Swol advice/data and choose Venthyr and i very happy about it.
Here is some of the “why”.

  • I love Night Fae ability but it cost too mutch mana to use continuously over a raid fight and have almost zero use in MM+ (except do dmg)
  • I really dislike Necrolord ability for two reason from my point of view it’s completly oposite to monk gameplay (anticipation spell for a reactive healer). Also the only way to make the most use out of this spell is either have everyone stacked and pump a lot of mana. True it’s a short cd but with Refreshing jade Wind you already have a lot of GCD to use for a big dmg comming.
  • Kyrian; i kind of like it ? Didn’t tried it, never looked at it really. But i feel like it cost a lot of mana also to use and 24s Essence Font isn’t fun. (zero interest in MM+, it will not save people or help you with an hard pull (Essence Font isn’t strong enough for that))
  • Venthyr; It’s a very very difficult CD to use because it has some kind of ramp up before full potential but it last very long. It can carry the whole groupe in MM+12 on some packs or pride (big red guy) for example. On raid is press and forget but overall it does more HPS compare to what i see on log.

The commun point here is mana issue. I have so many problem with mana currently. Litterally their is no fight (in hm) where i finish the fight with 5% or more. I’m usally (during progression) oom like 1 min before the end of the fight (Mana potions used and no innervation).
If you take that in consideration, the only spell that cost no mana is Venthyr it’s part of why it’s ranked higher.
Even if you had illimited mana or very very short fight other covenant could be a bit better but Venthyr is very strong and soulbinds are very good too.

The only point where i can’t really explain but it’s a tendancy in AMR simulation i’ve found is Necrolord ability has a tendancy to have less death (in number of ally dead) compare to the other. But it’s probably due to the fact that at the end of hard fight Necrolord + Refreshing Jade Wind can keep people alive longer compare to just RJW.

All 3 talents are exact equivalent in the first row terme of use (again from my perspective only and the sims) Chi Burst sims higher only because it’s always used on 6 targets (full potential). Personnaly i didn’t find enough time where i could use it during normal and hm progression.
Now that we are on more difficult bosses (concil hm currently) we are all stacked up so maybe Chi Burst could shine. For diversity and to focus for on the boss rather than my cds i choose Mist Wrap.

Yeah in term of number Life Cycles isn’t great. My perspective is the lack of mana block the rotation between vivify and envelopping mist (specially vivify). In the other hand Mana tea and Spirit of the Crane are equivalent in AMR’s data. But also in game. i feel like if you have planned a windows on a specific bosses Mana tea is probably the best.
In the long run, i have often downtime so i hit the boss and make use of Spirit of the Crane. This one feel specially good at the end of an encounter where you have no mana, and the raid is strugling to kill it.

Yes the statue is annoying. I use it on Kael’thas the sunking, because you cast over and over on Kael’thas only. Except if you have bad tank i would suggest Refreshing Jade Wind.

I would love more info because i have encounter no bug using it ?

I’ve follow Yu’lon Whisper advice personnaly. If you take a look at top log, lot’s of people use it too. Again the problem here is guides were based on “monk mana will be enough” but it’s not and so using “Tears of the Morning” is not relevant enough "Invoker Delight’ is nice If you have a windows to use “Invoke Yu’lon” and their is not a lot of window like this (lots of dmg for 25s where you can full cast).
“Ancient Teaching of the Monastery” is found also on top log, didn’t use it yet so… I guess it’s easy to snipe heal on heroic bosses with it.

Overall AMR is doing a great job.
I can only tell you go for AMR ! =D

@Swol may have more indepth infos or answers for you.

I make all the guides, with a little help here and there from our other two team members. The guides are meant to be data-driven, not personal opinion based, so Mr. Robot finds giving credit to specific humans unnecessary.

Sienss gave you a lot of good info to consider with regards to how I came to my conclusions. Let us know what you think about what he said and I could add more.

One thing to keep in mind is that I do plan to change the raid healing script to a fight from the current raid tier and I also am planning to re-do the mythic+ script to be a slice of a current dungeon (or maybe a whole one!). I don’t expect the suggestions to change a ton… but you never know.

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