Mistweaver - Guide

Hey !

It’s done, i’m free to be able to come back to my roots and play my Mistweaver =D
First i do is going in the Monk’s Guide section of AMR, because it’s where i can find the best info !
Mistweaver Monk Guide - Ask Mr. Robot (askmrrobot.com)

When i select DPS section to get “what talent to choose”

All talents seems to have the same value for every covenant and also Raid and Mythic+

I was expecting Rising Mist to go up or Chi Burst for MM+ even maybe Spirit of the Crane or Focused Thunder.

Could you tell me if you think it’s right ?

P.S: Do you think we could have the same data about Legendary here and not in the BiB ? (To se the impact of covenant on some legendary ? Or it’s late in the extension and the ranking of legendary isn’t made the same way so probably more work than intended )

I think the difference in DPS due to talents is totally negligible. Probably not enough to differentiate, heh.

Rising Mist doesn’t increase how much damage you do - it allows you to heal while doing damage. That might give you, effectively, more damage - but this data looks at a pure DPS situation. Chi Burst and Chi Wave give a little damage… but not really very much compared to using something else in the GCD.

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Okay perfect ! I was expecting this answer =D
Thank you =D