Mistweaver - Mana Tide Totem integration

Hi !

So i tried to add Mana Tide Totem to the rotation in a basic way :


It add a “lot” to Mistweaver almost 200 HPS over some sims i’ve done almost 2-3% somethings like that.

My pc is trying to run some sims to see if this is changing covenant distribution.
Maybe in your infinite kindness, tell me if this has a significant impact on covenants or even if i integrated it well in the rotation? I personnaly dont thinks it will change anythings, mana is till a problem.


I think that should work fine - it doesn’t really matter when you use mana tide totem as long as you never cap mana. It’s not like innervate where you have to use it at a time when you would spam spells.

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I’m comming back to this topic.
When you have some time (probably in few weeks)
Could you add " Use Totem Mana Tide Totem" in the simulator as well as in the BiB ?

“small visual add” but probably lots of data to create with it.

Yeah, we should be able to add that.

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