Mistweaver monk haste calculation

Snapshot ID: 82cb15a9c17e4eda8d536e5b45357783

Hello everyone, I have 2 questions.

  1. AskMrRobot says that I have 22.35% (3800) haste from gear, but in game itself it is 26.21% (4455). Sure no buffs or anything. Why is that?
    I calculated haste from gear in AskMrRobot by hand and it’s a third number: 4,509. What is going on?

  2. When using BiS function I set that I want to change gems and chars only if they are worth more than +2% improvement, but in result robot says that I should switch my gems and get +0.03% improvement. Why is that?

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look.

I think there is a display issue causing gems to not scale on the UI… the tooltip is showing the correct value but the stat total is not scaling with the correct curve. We’ll fix that in the next update. The correct total for that snapshot should be 4006 from gear, gems, and enchants if you add it up by hand.

As for the threshold not working as intended, I’ll look into that…
edit: turns out it was an issue where the gem/enchant threshold option and the force tier set option were fighting against each other. We’ll do an update to make those play together better.

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