Mistweaver - Revival - Rising Sun Revival

Hi !

I wanted to have a small talk about this :

So i guess you had a reflexion due to the interraction with the conduit “Rising Sun Revival” and wanted to rank the conduit based on it’s full potential. From my perspective i should be the other way around and keep the “use Revival at specific time”. Yes i would oblitare the reduction from the conduit.

In term of numbers it seems for my specific character to be better with timed use of revival :
Changed logic behind revival

What do you think about it ?

I’m not seeing a difference between those two sims - I think you linked two sims both using the current logic.

It looks like we may need to modify the health threshold revival is used at for that conduit such that the heal over time won’t be wasted. I generally want to make sure that it doesn’t get overlapped with yu’lon as well.

Hoy yeah ! My bad !

Now the gap is way out of hand =O
Simulation - Report (askmrrobot.com)

That setup isn’t the same - talents and conduit are different. I think this would be the actual comparison:

And that looks like it doesn’t improve the healing.

But but i’m doing re run the sims ? :’( Should have take the time to properly do the compare.
Yeah doesn’t improve the hps but it’s more “inline” with what i expect sorry :x