Mistweaver - Rising mist buff 8.3

Hi !

Just wanted to share the things i’ve done to anticipate 8.3 (mostly to keeep busy myself).

After the post for class changes into the PTR i wanted to looked how this small changes will impact the game play.


  • Rotation stay as it used to in AMR

  • boss script didn’t change

  • Gear will be “BiS” for a specific setup (talent + azerith power)


Here we compare two build using the Upwelling versus the Rising Mist talent for a really difficult fight (progress or close kill; like everyone failed the strat)

  • Rising Mist 73,805 HPS & 8.61 Allies Death

  • Upwelling 74,059 HPS & 6.48 Allied Death

Conclusion 1:

Nope rising mist is close but still have a number of Allies Death too high.

It mean if another healer is focusing on this death he will be able to get mutch more HPS compare to you


Here we compare the two build again but with less difficult fight like in the first bosses of a new raid.

conclusion 2:

Well, here we see Rising Mist taking the lead in HPS and death count. It will continu in this direction for less hard fight. So this talent is beginning to be better but for a margin values. I wonder if we can found a gearing a bit better with the new raid it could be a fun gameplay.


So maybe some of you are thinking about the “Strike and Strife” build.


The mana cost of this spell is SO HIGH coud we never end the fight with enough mana and only see you allies die one by one.

At the time of writing, the spell doesn’t have a mana cost so it make the build very interesting in the simulator but it’s not.

Well hope someone will read it xD