Mistweaver Rotation improvement

Hi !

I was doing some simulation just to know if getting more hast would be a good improvement for MM+.
I’m currently doing some +20 ich.

And i noticed Spinning crane kick isn’t in the healing rotation when personnaly i use it a lot. Like It’s litterally my first source of DPS.
Combine with the essence Conflict And strife “Way of the crane” it’s a really big CD for big pulls.

So here is a simulation :slight_smile:
Without Spinning crane Kick
With Spinning Crane Kick

The rotation :

So i know it’s the end of BFA literrally but maybe it can help for the next expansion because the combinaison will stay. Depending on your current load of work, could you take a look and do the magic trick of improving what i’ve done ? to put it in the MM+ rotation ? =D

THanks a lot !

Sure, I can put it in. We are doing a lot of thinking about what to do with healers in Shadowlands, since healer DPS is apparently going to be a thing still.

I’m still a bit salty about the whole direction blizzard has allowed healers to go, but that doesn’t really affect how we will be handling it on the website :wink:

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Thanks again For your time =D

Yeah i agree. I wish their were a solution, where healer could be more usefull in MM+.
Your idea to buff party member is really nice but quite complicated to balance, make sure their is no abuse.

It’s kind of difficult for healer because now it’s more like “dps” and if people fail they die so no need to heal (or be really reactive => thats why i’m looking into a haste heavy for monk).
Their is few spot in current BFA where you need to be good at healing, but it’s so mutch rare that it feel like an overtuned boss (second boss of underrot).

I haven’t look at the footage from the raid testing or MM+. But it seems like it will be even more around “get the add/boss down faster so you dont have to heal”.

I feel like if Blizzard is ok with this direction, they have to change mastery for the healer specs to no longer be zero-value for healers. Even if it is the best stat for healing, it has zero value for DPS and leaves you with unsatisfying choices to make. At least do like what they did with tanks and make it so you get a portion of your mastery as spell power.

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I’ve just look at the change you made with the mistweaver rotation :
if TargetsInRadius > 1 ???
So it’s good enough that if you have the buff Way Of the Crane it’s better to spamm Spinning Crane Kick rather than doing the “normal” dps rotation ?

I was getting better healing by doing that against multiple targets than I was by using tiger palm and blackout kick. I still use RSK on cooldown.

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