Mistweaver Trinket Ranking

I know its possible to select custom trinket rankings, but there seems to be something wrong with the rankings of trinkets in AMR.

Lingering Sunmote for example is showing as the best trinket available from Mythic+, it however is one of the known trinkets to avoid.
Another trinket; Unbound Changling doesn’t rank high at all, yet is considered BIS for raiding, and only second to the Tuft in M+.

Why is it that these results are so skewed compared to say; QE live?

I would need more context to answer specifically regarding lingering sunmote (it doesn’t rank that high for the generic mistweaver monk that I load up) - but the most likely explanation is that we rank items based on their potential. It may be impractical to get full value from it because of the 12 second duration, but if you could get full use from it - that’s where it would rank.

Unbound Changling is going to rank poorly because our model generally does not favor haste for healers, especially hugely mana-limited healers like mistweaver.

I play with extremely low haste on my healers because I know I can get more healing from my mana pool that way - and the results are very good. A lot of people like haste and it feels good to them, so that’s why we have the customization options: sometimes humans have preferences that don’t necessarily follow the exact math of the situation.

We think that it is valuable for us to be offering gearing advice with a simulation model behind it, even if it goes against the “meta” a little bit in some cases. It is good to have different perspectives.

Hello ! =D
As Mistweaver who had no luck with trinket i have :

Lingering Sunmote does pretty well in stack fight but is really bad in fight where we can’t stack. Here a my spell breaktrough (look at sun’s embrace):

For context i’m in progresson Stone Legion Mythic so… Yeah pretty ok trinket from my opinion but hey ! I have nothing else except a 203 Changling not upgradable.

I understand this, and appreciate the customization options. I know that QELive works differently in the respect it analyzes numbers from warcraft logs but its very strange for me to see Lingering Sunmote (226/220)suggested to me as a top upgrade when I have equipped Tuft of Smoldering Plumage (226) and Souletting Ruby (220).

I get the nature of the sim is that everyone is inside the shield during the spell, but that rarely happens in real play, so if AMR is to take into consideration how each player plays then it shouldn’t be ranking so high.

The other part that I think is broken with Mistweaver is how much Chi Ji changes stat priorities. The reason more haste is suggested when you use it is only because players who push higher keys are using it with more haste to do more damage. Haste does not equate to more healing for mistweaver compared to Crit/Vers.

The general rule of thumb with Mistweaver is to get to about 10-20% haste, 70% mastery and then stack vers/crit, but AMR tells you need a lot more haste to play ChiJi.

Thanks, would be interested to compare numbers when you use one of the wider recommended trinkets…that is if you get lucky to get one.

Not everyone is in the shield during the spell in the simulation. For a mythic+ sim, it might be 3 people, I’d have to double check. For a raid sim it will probably be 10 people.

These rules of thumb out there are based on anecdotal evidence. This is why we like the healing simulator - it shows you what stats would actually maximize your output if you can do it. That said, people should not play a build they don’t like to play - but it is interesting to know what could increase your output.