Mistweavers Asking Mr.Robot

Hello, I enjoy using AMR because of how pretty and easy the website is to handle.
I used to be able to see the stat weights and be able to change them to tune them, but I can no longer see this feature.

I would also like to know how accurate AMR is when simulating healers, and especially MWs due to how many hoops I have to go through just to get some information.

Thanks in advance! //Orkanen

I answered a similar question recently in this thread:

To use custom stat weights, you need to create a custom gearing strategy using the simulator. And then you can choose to use stat weights instead of the machine learning option and edit them. Using regular old stat weights has no way to rank trinkets, weapon enchants, azerite powers, etc - so half the stuff in the game really - that’s why you have to start from a gearing strategy with some data for those effects. .